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SWU.FM, The Blast & IGiveYouGive supports
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Bridging the gap between Bristol's underground music scene and three exceptional causes. SWU.FM, The Blast and I Give You Give have united to release a charity album of current underground music, carefully curated to represent and celebrate the diverse elements of Bristol’s thriving music scene. Priced at £5 (minimum donation) , 100% of the proceeds will be distributed between ‘Help Bristol's Homeless’, ‘Mental Health Foundation’ and ‘Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctor's Without Borders)’. These are three charities close to our hearts for the great work they do helping those that need it most. Help Bristol's Homeless is a local charity set up to take shipping containers and convert them into emergency accommodation for homeless people, from which they can use as a secure base to begin to rebuild their lives. Mental Health Foundation is a UK charity set up to help people understand, protect and maintain their mental health through research and public campaigns. Médecins Sans Frontières is an international charity that works with helping those in war torn countries and developing countries affected by endemic diseases by providing medical aid. More information about the three charities can be found here : Massive thanks to everyone involved, all the artists for providing the music and Beau @teneightseven for mastering the album! Please give what you can! Thanks and Merry Christmas SWU.FM, The Blast & IGiveYouGive x Tracklist : Break - Rollerblade DJ POLO - cmd3 Dr Meaker - Watcha Emperor - Dig Foreign Concept x Sam Binga - Neck Sweat GotSome ft. Terri Walker - All Night Ishan Sound - Ghosted Javeon - Chop It Up Kyrist - Impasse L U C Y- Blue NYTA - Bad Intentions Phaeleh - Bongo Acid Pinch - 2 Much Sepia - Tic Tock SNØW x Dismantle - One Way Out Unkey - Karate Club VIP

SWU.FM, The Blast & IGiveYouGive

SWU.FM, The Blast & IGiveYouGive

A collaborative project between SWU:FM, The Blast & IGiveYouGive SWU FM – Celebrating Bristol Music Culture SWU.FM is a radio station aimed at young Bristol and its music and arts community. We specialise in urban, electronic, and dance music genres presented by legends, established artists, up and coming talent and the people who make music happen in the city. In May 2016 SWU.FM completed a short term broadcast in Bristol on 87.7 FM. The station had a large citywide audience on FM and saw over 6 million hits on our website during the 27 day period. You can watch a documentary about us here: Listen to our archives with 200+ shows here: SWU.FM is currently applying for a full time FM licence. The Blast It might seem like a madness nowadays, but not that long ago boring single genre events were the accepted norm (with the possible exception of massive festivals and some free parties). Music fans were generally tribal and it was almost unheard of for a promoter to offer the opportunity to dance to a whole range of different genres on one night all under one roof… Sound boring? Yeah we thought so too. At some undisclosed point in time, three guys met up somewhere in Bristol, and after a few too many drinks they got a bit shouty and eventually decided they were bored of this narrow minded approach and that it was time for a change… The Blast was born. A few hazy years down the line (not to mention a lot of late nights and amazing events), The Blast started to feel it was time to up the stakes a bit… it was time to break free from the safe little cocoon of our much loved 200-300 capacity venues and hatch out into a full blown megarave showcasing some huge lineups of the likes never seen before.. We stepped up to the plate, and the monster that is STB was born. Rolling forward a couple more years and The Blast and STB events are now very much one and the same. Most importantly we still staunchly refuse to be limited by genre, venue or convention, we simply strive to keep working with the most exciting acts around and make each event the most fun we can… IGiveYouGive I Give You Give is a direct link between artists and charities. And unlike other sites, we don't take a cut. It's simple, really: we want to bring people together to help a common cause. We want to make it easier for people to give to the charities that need it most. And how better to do that than through a shared love of music? We're a platform made to help artists, bands, festivals (and others) give their music, remixes and live sets, in return for donations to their chosen charities. This connects people in a way that benefits everyone involved. Your music gets promoted. People get to enjoy it. And charities get vital donations. What's more, we don't charge anything for this service. No cuts. No lengthy contracts. That means your every penny raised from the music shared goes to those who need it most.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial.


Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

also supporting:

Help Bristol's Homeless

Mental Health Foundation



£5.00 yes

Marius Bozga


€5.00 its not a donation its a present, the music is WOWWWWW, love it, and also the donation part is really great...

Delian Tzolov


Marie-Antoinette Ullmann


£5.00 top work xxx



Great cause and great music :)